Practice Proofreading

Test your proofreading skills. Read the paragraph below and spot the mistakes.

Bussing Tables, Cracking Jokes

It was a dark and Friday night, at Colligan's again. Time for this busgirl to began another evening of superior customer service.

I made my usual stop in the front room. Managed not to trip over the mound of mutt on the floor.

Behind the bar, Gil drying and hanging wine glasses. I walked to the end of the bar and set down. Laid out a newspaper and drummed on it with my fingertips. Gil walked over.

"Evening, Jin. Time to toast the dead?"

"You bet," I said. "Let's set the record strait."

I opened the newspaper to the obituaries. He reached under the bar for the phonebook.

(exerpt from Bussing Tables, Cracking Jokes at ActonHale)