Practice Proofreading

Test your proofreading skills. Read the paragraph below and spot the mistakes.

A Family Question

Jake was not at all comfortible with what he was about to do. He held fast to the steering wheel and stared at the road. The steep hills of the Delaware Water Gap blazed with autumn colors. He hardly noticed.

It had all started with that strange add in the newspaper, promising true answers to any questions. Contact Mr. Jones at a PO Box. Just for kicks he had sent in a letter. The reply note lay open on the passenger seat of his beat-up old Ford. He gripped the wheel tighter every time he glance at those last three sentences:

I am compelled to tell you something. She wasn't apologizing for complaining about her pain. She was apologizing for leaving so early in you're life.

(exerpt from A Family Question at ActonHale)