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Situation Qualifiers

When writing at work, it's natural to overspecify the situation you are talking about. However, the qualifiers that describe situations are often unnecessary. The three most common situation qualifiers are phrases with the keywords that, is, and use.

There are five steps that must be accomplished in this process.

There are five steps in this process.

This process is one that has five steps.

This process has five steps.

We are now writing the five steps for use in the process.

We are now writing the five steps for the process.

Multiple edits are sometimes required.

A loud beep indicates that a problem has occurred.

A loud beep indicates a problem.

There are other situation qualifiers to watch for.

The process must be such as to give useful results.

The process must give useful results.

We can prepare a new process that uses different steps to be accomplished.

We can prepare a new process that uses different steps.

A second process handles the situation where random inputs occur.

A second process handles random inputs.

Edit your writing by spotting situation qualifiers.

This is a manufacturing approach that can be taken to reduce defects. The assembly line is in such form that it requires fewer workstations. And the use of cross training results in greater efficiencies. This is important from a workforce standpoint because it allows for absences.

Lesson: Situation Qualifiers
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