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Readable Data

When you present data in a table, you should do everything you can to help the reader access the data and understand it.

Consider using the following 14 steps to make your data tables easy to read.

1. Place units at the top.

2. Align numbers to the right.

3. Use consistent precision.

4. Match precision to reader needs.

5. Compact columns.

6. Align column titles with the bottom.

7. Center a column when it looks better.

8. Emphasize column titles.

9. Use singular nouns in column titles.

10. Center the table on the page.

11. Place the table title on top, centered.

12. Place notes below, within the bounds of the table.

13. Add space to ease reading.

14. Use borders to group, not encapsulate.

Lesson: Readable Data
Module: Special Topics
Course: Clear Technical Writing