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Nature Qualifiers

When we describe a thing, and we feel the need to also describe the nature of that thing, we should avoid qualifiers that add nothing of value.

Our thermal measurements are repetitive in nature.

We should buy a better type of thermometer.

We tried, but the cost factor was prohibitive.

These qualifiers are unnecessary jargon. Few readers like that. No reader needs it.

Our thermal measurements are repetitive.

We should buy a better thermometer.

We tried, but the cost was prohibitive.

Other edits require a slight rewrite.

She found no problem areas in the data.

She processed the data from a different angle.

My results were tabulated in an identical manner.

The rewrites often place the qualifier in an adverb.

She found no problems in the data.

She processed the data differently.

My results were tabulated identically.

Edit your writing by spotting nature qualifiers.

He will be working in the area of quality control. She asked what would occur if the power were reduced in rapid sequence. They answered that it has a built-in delay feature. We know that it operates in an offline capacity.

Lesson: Nature Qualifiers
Module: Clear Descriptions
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