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Emphasis Qualifiers

Emphasize an attribute

It's easy to add small words for emphasis.

I use a very accurate scale.

I use a highly accurate scale.

But these small words are often not needed.

I use an accurate scale.

A better way to emphasize is to provide details of the attribute.

I use a scale that is accurate to within 0.01 gram in 100 grams.

Emphasize completeness

This is often done with small words.

Process any and all results by tomorrow.

Process all results by tomorrow.

Process any results by tomorrow.

Process results by tomorrow.

These are equivalent sentences, but the final one is to the point.

Emphasize, vaguely

It's easy to refer to an unspecified amount.

That Pareto chart has some value in identifying defects.

It's usually better to not include this vague emphasis.

That Pareto chart has value in identifying defects.

Edit your writing by spotting emphasis qualifiers.

I bought a really precise underwater stopwatch. I'm told it's an overall good quality watch. The instructions are somewhat difficult to understand.

Lesson: Emphasis Qualifiers
Module: Clear Descriptions
Course: Clear Technical Writing