Business Writing Essentials


We need to keep our readers engaged. Variety helps, especially in sentence length and format.

Sentence Length

Vary the length of your sentences. In most writing at work, sentences should be between 5 and 25 words long. If most of your sentences are about the same length, you should interject some variety, especially if the average length exceeds 20 words.

But, how to choose? Which sentences should we make long, and which short? In your writing at work, it's mostly common sense:

• Use a long sentence when presenting a lot of information.

For government jobs in Macedonia, women are well represented in scientific disciplines and in jobs related to climate change, such as energy, transportation, environment, and health services.

• Use a short sentence when making an important point.

But few interpret decisions or implement plans.

Sentence Format

Vary the format of your sentences: highlight important points at the beginning, middle, and end of your sentences.

To make a point, start with a prepositional phrase.

Place words—between dashes—to interrupt and inform.

Place an example after a colon: like this.

If you had to choose only one technique from this course, choose variety of sentence length. You have to keep your reader awake. It's that simple and that important.

Lesson: Variety
Module: Style
Course: Business Writing Essentials