Business Writing Essentials


When we use phrases that are partly redundant, we distract or confuse the reader. Always strive to remove redundancies, such as the words a time of in the phrase a time of two hours in the following example:

Ben spent a time of two hours responding to the email.

There are so many other redundant phrases in common use, it's impossible to learn them all. But what can be learned, by practice, is the habit of spotting words that can be safely removed from sentences because all they do is provide unnecessary redundancy:

The email generated a total of 28 responses.

Most people responded and asked the question, "Why did I get this email?"

For the message, Ben assembled together his thoughts about training.

His points summarize the present status of employee development.

A rumor began to circulate around that all emails were being recorded.

However, concern about the emails was brief in duration.

Suggestion: when editing, put your finger over a word you think might be redundant. If the sentence reads okay, then your initial thought was spot on: delete that word!

Lesson: Redundancy
Module: Usage
Course: Business Writing Essentials