Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 5



I spent all our cash.
He only spent 60 dollars.
She was spending our money on shoes.
You were spending our money on golf clubs.
We had spent too much on the country club membership.
He had been spending a lot of time on the golf course.


I spend too much money.
He spends 50 dollars without even thinking.
She spends a lot of money on car repairs.
You are spending a lot of money at the country club.
We have spent too much on really good Mexican food.
He has been spending wisely since he gave up golf.


I will spend too much on tools.
He will spend less than he thought he would.
She will spend money to make money.
You will be spending a lot each week.
We will have spent too much at restaurants.
I predict that he will have been spending wisely by then.

Lesson: Spend
Module: Verb Set 5
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs