Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 1



I said we needed to publish the report.
He said the report was not complete.
She said the report was ready.
You were saying it was time to move on.
They had said they were ready.
We said the word, and they published it.

verb phrase: say the word = give permission for something to happen


I say the report is ready.
He says it needs more work.
She says she can work on it.
They say there is no hurry.
We have been saying the document needs to be edited.
If you say the word, we can publish it.


I will say when it is finished.
He will say what he thinks of it.
She will say it's ready.
We will have said enough by then.
You will be saying the same thing we are.
I'm confident they will say the word; we should be ready to publish at that point in time.

Lesson: Say
Module: Verb Set 1
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs