Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 6



He grew plants from seeds.
She grew vegetables in the backyard.
I was growing squash; we were growing peppers.
You had grown tomatoes in the heat of summer.
We had been growing them without using any harsh chemicals.
A new cookbook grew out of our efforts with organic vegetables.

verb phrase: grow out of = result from; become too large or mature for


He grows seedlings under a lamp.
She grows flowers in the front yard.
I am growing tulips; we are growing catmint.
You have grown hellebores under the maple tree.
We have been growing them without watering them.
Your pansies grew out of that tiny pot; you need a larger pot.


He will grow seedlings inside.
She will grow herbs on the back deck.
I will be growing mint; we will be growing zucchini.
You will have grown that tomato plant all summer.
By next year, we will have been growing much of our own food.
A healthier diet will grow out of our gardening efforts.

Lesson: Grow
Module: Verb Set 6
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs