Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 2



I gave you my best advice.
He gave three reasons for being late.
She gave them her final report.
You were giving him lemons; he was giving you lemonade.
They had given us extra time to show up.
I gave my word, so I showed up on time.

verb phrase: give your word = very seriously promise


I always give you good advice.
He gives bad excuses for being late.
She gives them reports on a regular basis.
You are giving him lemons; he is giving you lemonade.
They have given us extra time to show up.
I give you my word: I always show up on time.


I will give you helpful advice.
He will give questionable reasons for being late.
She will give them her report, but they will not like it.
You will be giving him lemons; he will be giving you lemonade.
They will have given us extra time, so it should not be difficult to be there on time.
He will give us his word that he will arrive in time for the meeting.

Lesson: Give
Module: Verb Set 2
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs