Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 2



On the beach, I found a jellyfish.
He found some driftwood.
She found a perfect conch shell.
They were finding small shells; I was finding large shells.
We had been finding shells when you had found the starfish.
We were on the wrong beach for an hour before we found out.

verb phrase: find out = learn; discover; gather facts about something


Once in a while I find jellyfish.
He finds driftwood farther inland.
She finds starfish in pools among the rocks.
They are finding lots of shells; I am finding lots of seaweed.
We have been finding tiny shells near the water.
If you find out we are on the wrong beach, let us know.


On the beach, I will likely find a jellyfish.
He will find some driftwood.
She will find some conch shells.
They will be finding shells they can sell in their shop.
By the time you arrive, we will have been finding shells up and down the shoreline.
We will find out if this is the right beach.

Lesson: Find
Module: Verb Set 2
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs