Basic English Usage

Slang 3

Here are some more slang phrases that people in the US might use.

take off = leave suddenly; succeed suddenly

If I take a day off work, I might get on an airplane, and, after take off, I might take off my coat and relax. If my business sales were to take off, I might just take off and go to Maui for a well-deserved vacation.

zone out = daydream: to forget all about where you are or what your problems are

If the meeting becomes boring, I may zone out.

on the level = honest

You can trust Lee. He's always on the level.

up in the air = not certain, not resolved

Who won the election? No one knows. It's still up in the air.

bent out of shape = upset or angry about something

I don't know why Amy is so bent out of shape about the decision to cancel the meeting.

wrap it up = to finish something; to bring something to a close

Okay, you've been working on that report all week. It's time to wrap it up and send it off to headquarters.

Lesson: Slang 3
Module: Slang
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