Basic English Usage

Phrases 4

Adjective phrases with their unique prepositions: time to practice some more. Say them out loud!

upset about X :

He didn't need to be so upset about the results.

I was upset about the decision to cancel the program.

responsible for X :

We are all responsible for our actions.

He is responsible for letting everyone know.

tired of X :

We're tired of hearing the same thing, over and over.

Because he was tired of reading, he got up and walked around.

similar to X :

Their product is similar to ours.

Is an orange similar to a tangerine?

satisfied with X :

I hope you're satisfied with the attachment.

He was dissatisfied with the agreement.

Note: These adjectives are not always used with only these prepositions. They are just the most common combinations.

Lesson: Phrases 4
Module: Adjectives
Course: Basic English Usage