Basic English Usage

Prepositions in Verb Phrases

Verb phrases are often formed with a preposition. Again, we will focus on common combinations.

look at X = to inspect X; to consider X

He wanted to look at new cars.

She looked at all the files.

look for X = to search for X

I have to look for a gift for my brother.

Are you looking for someone in particular?

report on X = to present information about X

We will report on our work when it is done.

She reports on current events.

talk to X about Y :

We will talk to Ben about the new policy.

Have you talked to Bob about it?

depend on X for Y :

We depend on them for ontime delivery.

They depended on me for my expertise.

Lesson: Prepositions in Verb Phrases
Module: Verbs
Course: Basic English Usage