Basic English Usage

Phrases 4

Here is a final batch of prepositional phrases used by people writing at work:

of course = naturally, or "I agree" (implied: "this is not a surprise to me")

You're absolutely correct, so of course I agree with you.

Will I accept the lottery winnings? Of course!

on the contrary = "I disagree, and here is why ..."

You thought I hated the movie? On the contrary, I loved it.

The new company direction was supposed to make us profitable again, but on the contrary, sales have dropped a lot.

on the other hand = introduces a contrasting statement

I'd like a car with great acceleration, but on the other hand I want great gas mileage.

On the one hand, I agree this is a great opportunity for us. On the other hand, however, I think it will change our culture significantly.

on time = at or before a required time

Did the train arrive on time?

Your payments were made on time, so there are no penalties.

out of date = no longer useful or fashionable

If your passport is out of date, they wouldn't let you board the plane.

I was not able to use the app because my operating system is out of date.

prior to X = before an event or a point in time

The questions had been asked prior to my arrival.

Make sure you hand in your assignment prior to noon.

Lesson: Phrases 4
Module: Prepositions
Course: Basic English Usage