Basic English Usage

Prepositions in Noun Phrases

A noun names a person, place, thing, or idea. A noun phrase is a noun combined with other words that modify it, including prepositions. It's the prepositions that cause the most confusion, so we will concentrate on them:

noun phrase:
( [noun] [prep] [object phrase] )


( [author] [of] [short stories] )

The most common prepositions used in noun phrases are of, for, in, and with.

advantage of X :

What is the advantage of using this machine?

The disadvantages of that proposal should be considered.

analysis of X :

Their analysis of the device was flawed.

I had to write an analysis of the failure.

application for X :

She submitted her application for the job.

My application for a driver's license got lost in the mail.

confidence in X :

We have confidence in your ability to get the job done.

He lost confidence in the prospects for the project.

association with X :

My association with them has lasted many years.

For the past year, I have enjoyed my association with the team.

Note: These noun phrases are not always constructed with only these prepositions. They are just the most common combinations.

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