Basic English Usage

Slang 5

Here we will focus on slang words and phrases you might read in the writing of people who live in Canada, Britain, or Australia.

keener = someone who is so eager or keen that they are worthy of ridicule [Canadian]

He was such a keener to get promoted that people began to make fun of him.

toonie = a $2 coin (the $1 coin has an image of a loon) [Canadian]

I'll bet you a toonie the Stanley Cup will return to Montreal next year.

corker = an outstanding person or thing [British]

The London Eye on the Thames is a real corker: it has done for London what the Eiffel Tower did for Paris.

damp squib = something that totally fails [British]

The proposal to give European citizens fewer rights than are given to British citizens will be a damp squib: no one is going to take it seriously.

dodgy = not quite right; suspicious [Australian]

Home prices in Canberra have been boosted by dodgy loan approvals.

fair go = give someone an equal chance [Australian]

Sheila wants a fair go when she applies for the scholarship.

Lesson: Slang 5
Module: Slang
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