Basic English Usage

Phrases 3

Here are even more prepositional phrases, including those commonly used by people writing at work:

in fact = "here are some details that support (or contradict) what was stated earlier"

People think the company is not very large, and, in fact, it is rather small.

I thought the movie would be exciting but in fact it was boring.

in perspective = to show or understand how important something is, relative to other things

Witnessing the disaster really puts our petty problems in perspective, doesn't it?

I know it's easy to get upset, but please let's try to keep everything in perspective.

in spite of X = not prevented by X

In spite of being tired, we decided to proceed.

The car should be easy to sell, in spite of the fact that it's damaged.

in the course of X = during X, or while X happens

He witnessed many changes in the course of his long life.

In the course of the last decade, the internet has grown exponentially.

in time = with enough time, or within the allowed time

I hope the decision is made in time for us to accept the job.

In time, you will recover fully from the accident.

instead of X = as a substitution for X

Instead of coffee, let's have cocoa.

Let's quit for the evening, instead of working another all-nighter.

Lesson: Phrases 3
Module: Prepositions
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