Basic English Usage

Phrases 3

Noun phrases with their unique prepositions: time to practice some more. Be sure to say them out loud.

head of X :

The head of the department retired yesterday.

Submit your information to the head of Human Resources.

knowledge of X :

Her knowledge of French was very good.

I am trying to gain a basic knowledge of auto mechanics.

order for X :

Our order for lunch was promptly delivered.

I approved your order for new computers.

improvement in X :

She noticed some improvement in your health.

I was happy about the improvement in working conditions.

help with X :

She asked for help with editing the report.

We are not supposed to get help with our essays.

Note: These noun phrases are not always constructed with only these prepositions. They are just the most common combinations.

Lesson: Phrases 3
Module: Nouns
Course: Basic English Usage