Basic English Usage

Phrasal Verbs 3

Phrasal verbs combine verbs with other words to create unique meanings. There are many that use the word get:

get along = be amiable

Everyone in our department got along pretty well.

He had trouble getting along, so he left.

get back = to return; to respond

We got back last night.

I'll get back to you with an answer.

get by = to manage without something

How did you get by without your credit cards?

My phone battery died, but I'll get by somehow.

get to X = to attend to X

We will get to the report later on.

The email? I think I'll get to that tomorrow.

get rid of X = to eliminate X

I will get rid of that stain as soon as I get home.

If only we could get rid of that responsibility.

Lesson: Phrasal Verbs 3
Module: Verbs
Course: Basic English Usage