Basic English Usage

Phrases 2

Let's continue learning prepositional phrases, focusing on those commonly used by people writing at work:

except for X = not including X

Everyone signed the card except for me.

Except for the delays in the airport, the trip was uneventful.

for a while = for a brief, or unspecified, period of time

They walked for a while.

We visited the museum for a while, but didn't stay too long.

for once = at least one time, though it should happen more often

For once, she arrived on time.

The weather prediction was correct for once.

for the record = stating something formally, as if being recorded

For the record, I was not in favor of the merger.

They said we were over budget, but for the record, we came in under budget.

in common = sharing similar interests or features

The two new engineers have a lot in common.

We have much in common when it comes to favorite music.

in some/many ways = being partly/mostly relevant or truthful

The design approaches are similar in some ways.

The designers are different in many ways, but they get along.

Lesson: Phrases 2
Module: Prepositions
Course: Basic English Usage