Basic English Usage

Phrases 1

Noun phrases with their unique prepositions: time to practice some more. It's best to say them out loud.

awareness of X :

Your awareness of our need for increased sales is improving.

Managers asked for increased awareness of workplace safety.

cost of X :

What was the cost of the new printer?

We needed more money to cover the cost of the computers.

competition for X :

Is there any competition for the management position?

The competition for customers is growing.

decrease/increase in X :

Will there be an increase in vacation time next year?

We regret to announce that there was a decrease in sales last quarter.

connection with X :

We want to know about his connection with the contractor's prior work.

She has a connection with an executive in that company.

Note: These noun phrases are not always constructed with only these prepositions. They are just the most common combinations.

Lesson: Phrases 1
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