Basic English Usage

Phrases 2

Noun phrases with their unique prepositions: time to practice some more. Do yourself a favor and say them out loud!

distribution of X :

The distribution of our bonuses began yesterday.

I thought it was a reasonable distribution of workload.

habit of doing X :

Lee had a bad habit of clearing his throat.

No one is in the habit of insulting the boss.

contract for X :

We ended the contract for the construction.

Our attorney will prepare a contract for the next phase of the project.

[also common: contract to do X]

growth in X :

There will be no growth in GDP this year.

They predicted there would be significant growth in attendance this season.

contact with X :

She wants to make contact with her old friends.

Contact with competitors is sometimes considered inappropriate.

Note: These noun phrases are not always constructed with only these prepositions. They are just the most common combinations.

Lesson: Phrases 2
Module: Nouns
Course: Basic English Usage