Basic English Usage

Ph-Prep Verbs

Phrasal-prepositional verbs: Things get even more complicated when we form some verb phrases by adding prepositions to phrasal verbs.

come up with X = to create X or find X

She came up with a new slogan.

He didn't come up with the right answer.

keep up with X = to remain knowledgeable about current events or current thought

I read the newspaper to keep up with current news.

She keeps up with new advances by reading scientific journals.

fill in for X = to substitute for X

You will be gone, so I will fill in for you.

In that recipe, you can use milk to fill in for water.

get along with X = to be friendly with X

Why is it so difficult for him to get along with everybody else?

Lee gets along with everyone in our division.

get out of X = to free oneself of responsibility; to leave

I wanted to get out of that job assignment.

She finally got out of there and found a better job.

Lesson: Ph-Prep Verbs
Module: Verbs
Course: Basic English Usage