Basic English Usage

Phrasal Verbs 2

Phrasal verbs combine verbs with other words to create unique meanings. There are many that use the word up:

clear up = to become clear; to explain to everyone's satisfaction

You don't need your umbrella: it cleared up outside.

If you would clear up this one issue, we could proceed.

warm up = to become warm
warm up to = to become friends

It's cold out there. Come in and warm up by the fire.

People are warming up to the new employee.

open something up = to start a business; begin business for the day

He opened up a new retail store on the other side of town.

He opens up his store at 8 a.m.

bring something up = to mention something

I would like to bring up a new topic.

He will bring it up at the meeting.

look something up = to find; to seek information about something

We have to look up the proper procedure.

I will look it up on the shared drive.

Lesson: Phrasal Verbs 2
Module: Verbs
Course: Basic English Usage