Basic English Usage

Phrasal Verbs 1

Phrasal verbs combine verbs with other words to create unique meanings.

break down = to stop functioning

Why did your car break down?

Our negotiations broke down over the issue of sales support.

fall through = to fail

Why did our plans fall through?

Our efforts to seal the deal fell through when he had to leave abruptly.

hear someone out = to hear all of what someone has to say

Please, be patient and hear me out.

She heard you out, but she doesn't agree with your opinion.

shut something down = to stop something; to cease operating

They shut down the negotiations yesterday.

The manufacturing line had problems; they wanted to shut it down.

talk something over = to discuss something

You should talk it over in private.

Will Liu talk over the agreement with you at the meeting?

Lesson: Phrasal Verbs 1
Module: Verbs
Course: Basic English Usage