Basic English Usage

Slang 2

Here are some more slang phrases that people in the US might use.

all ears = very interested and paying careful attention

We were all ears when they explained why we had won the award.

bad-mouth = to say bad things about something; verbally abuse someone

I try not to bad-mouth our competition, but it sure is tempting when they demonstrate how little they care about ethics in their business transactions.

eye opener = something that causes a surprising realization

That sales report was a real eye-opener. We had no idea things were going so well.

low-ball = very low (price); to quote a low price, intending to negotiate to a higher price

They quoted a site license for $500, but we countered with a low-ball offer ($180), since we had plenty of other suppliers we could buy from.

no-brainer = something that is so simple or obvious it really doesn't take much intelligence to understand or answer

The decision to hire her was a no-brainer. She is perfect for the job.

you bet = yes; of course; no problem

Would I accept half of your winnings from the lottery? You bet!

Lesson: Slang 2
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