Basic English Usage

Prepositions in Adjective Phrases

Adjective phrases are used to describe a noun and are often formed with a preposition:

[noun] verb ( [adj] [prep] [object] )


[He] is ( [happy] [for] [you] ).

The most common prepositions used in adjective phrases are about, for, of, to, and with.

anxious about X :

The CFO is anxious about the tax audit.

It was expected that we would be anxious about the test results.

necessary for X :

What preparation is necessary for the meeting tomorrow?

Those presentation charts are unnecessary for the meeting.

aware of X :

She wasn't aware of any problems.

I am unaware of the problems you described.

accustomed to X :

We will become accustomed to this new way of doing business.

New employees are unaccustomed to using the new HR forms.

comfortable with X :

I am comfortable with the marketing plan.

Are you comfortable with our new manager?

Note: These adjectives are not always used with only these prepositions. They are just the most common combinations.

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