Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 4



[ ]  For the past two days, he ____ without bail.
  will hold
  was held

[ ]  
  He certainly holds himself in high regard.
  He certainly hold him selling wide regard.

[ ]  I ____ hold onto the hope that justice ____ served.
  have ... have been
  will ... will be

[ ]  
  She still holds a copy of the plain easement.
  She will hold a copy of the plea agreement.

[ ]  
  We had held onto the hope that justice would prevail.
  We have held onto hopes so justice would prevail.

[ ]  By Tuesday, the judge ____ a private meeting with the prosecutor.
  will have held
  will held

[ ]  They were ____ me in a cell; I was ____ without bail.
  holding ... held
  helding ... hold

[ ]  Don't ____; the judge is unlikely to agree.
  hold your breath
  held your breath

Lesson: Hold
Module: Verb Set 4
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs