Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 5



[ ]  The machine ____ boards all day.
  has been cut
  has been cutting

[ ]  
  They have cuts wood until sundown.
  They had cut wood until sundown.

[ ]  We ____ a piece of wood for you.
  will cut
  had cuts

[ ]  
  They had cut all the boards they needed.
  They had cutting the boards they needed.

[ ]  
  He will have cut all the paper we requested.
  He will had cut all the paper we requested.

[ ]  ____ the cake into small pieces.
  They cut
  She have cut

[ ]  Tomorrow, you ____ boards for the house frame.
  will be cutting
  will cutting

[ ]  If you ____, the structure could fail.
  cuts metal
  cut corners

Lesson: Cut
Module: Verb Set 5
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs