Hearing Irregular Verbs
Verb Set 7



[ ]  I predict that before we are done, he ____ the ladder.
  had broke
  will have broken

[ ]  
  It was inevitable that we broke the old tray table.
  It was inevitable that she broken the old table.

[ ]  They ____ breaking plates; she ____ breaking glasses.
  are ... is
  have ... has

[ ]  
  Someone has broken windows all over the town.
  Someone had been breaking windows all over town.

[ ]  
  We doubt you will breaking cast iron stoves.
  We doubt you will break the cast iron stove.

[ ]  ____ the floor tiles with our Irish dancing.
  We has broken
  We broke

[ ]  The confused bird ____ the window.
  have broke

[ ]  He will ____ the news: we must find a new apartment.

Lesson: Break
Module: Verb Set 7
Course: Hearing Irregular Verbs